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The term BELLAVIE comes from the Italian word for beautiful and the French word for life, literally beautiful life.   Find the things in life that make you feel beautiful & surround yourself with them. 

BELLAVIE... live your beautiful life.

For as long back as I can remember, I have loved jewelry and more specifically, gemstones... all of the colors, patterns and textures, all natural and all beautiful.  

As a young woman starting out on her own, I didn't want to waste my money on junk jewelry made with what I call "mystery metal" and acrylic or glass but buying quality pieces was not something that I could do whenever I wanted.  I didn't believe that treating yourself to a pair of earrings should be stressful so, a little later in life,  I set myself on a mission to bring quality gemstone jewelry to women at prices that were affordable with styles that were irresistible.

The realization of that mission is Baubles By BELLAVIE.  It is true that you can pay tremendous amounts for gemstone jewels.  But you don't have to.  By working directly with manufacturers and artisans around the globe, without a permanent physical location to rent or lease, no staff to pay or other common retail costs, I can bring the world of premium jewelry to you without the premium price.  So don't be fooled by price or think that I couldn't possibly deliver the promise of fine gemstones in high end settings for these prices; I can and I do.  

Baubles By BELLAVIE celebrates my love of jewelry and gemstones.  It celebrates women discovering, developing and expressing their personal style.  It embraces dressing with ease and feeling both confident and comfortable in their own skin.

There is no artist greater than Mother Nature, creating the most stunning materials to work with.  I receive so much joy from designing this collection for you.  I hope you find things that are beautiful to you and that you learn a bit about the gemstones I love so much.   Discover the BELLAVIE world and live your beautiful life.

Averill xo

Founder | Curator |Treasure Hunter

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