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Could there be a dreamier gemstone than this?  Soft, soothing aqua chalcedony captures the look of sea glass, bringing me to the beach, if not in person, but in my mind.  


- 925 sterling silver

- genuine aqua chalcedony

- measures: approx 20mm x 45mm

- limited edition



Every Summer, thoughts of soothing ocean waters, soft white sand, and the sound of the tides hitting the shores fill my mind. I dream of the salty ocean air and naps under the shade from the warm hypnotic sun. Driftwood and seashells wash ashore and my toes in the sand, grounding my soul.


Inspired by my friend Judy, The Brackley Beach Collection is a celebration of her favorite place, in PEI, Canada.  Judy loved the time spent at her cottage, walking along the beach, collecting shells, red rocks, and sea glass.  She was a special woman, who made a difference in my life and will have an everlasting impact on myself and those blessed enough to know her.

Sheena Earrings - Aqua Chalcedony

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